Jazzberry Digital Solutions Investigation

Jazzberry Digital Solutions investigation opened by The Law Office of David Liebrader

Our office has become aware of an unregistered promissory note offering by a Simi Valley based company called Jazzberry Digital Solutions, Inc. Many of the notes were sold out of an insurance agency in Bakersfield, California.

According to one investor, Jazzberry raised millions of dollars by selling unregistered promissory notes to over a hundred investors.

Jazzberry was purportedly going to use the funds as part of a crypto currency trading program, and promised extraordinarily high rates of return in exchange for the loans.

In August, Jazzberry’s agent for service of process filed a notice with the California Secretary of State withdrawing his registration. In addition, Jazzberry was due to file a statement of information (required to do business in California) by September 30, 2023, which was not done.

At present, many clients report not having received their promised distributions for many months.

 If you have information about the Jazzberry Digital Solutions promissory note offering, or are an investor, please call for a free consultation.

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