SEC wins case vs. Aschere Energy

The SEC won its summary judgment motion  (SEC v Aschere ) against Aschere Energy on its claim that Aschere sold unregistered securities to the public.  Investors who purchased Aschere securities, especially in the “Wied Field” program should review their legal rights immediately.

On July 8, 2016 a federal judge in the Northern District of Texas affirmed his original Order (issued in March, 2016 ) on the SEC’s motion for summary judgment against Aschere Energy, Arcturus Corp, promoter Leon Ali Parvizian and brokers Robert J. Balunas and Alfredo Gonzalez.  The SEC had charged Aschere and the individuals with running an unregistered cold calling boiler room to sell shares of unregistered securities to the public.

In his ruling, Jude Kinkeade made findings that the Defendants acted as unregistered brokers when they sold unregistered securities in the Aschere Energy oil and gas programs.  The Judge also found that Parvizian had committed securities fraud by failing to disclose the lack of ownership in a program that Aschere was selling to the public

In order to lawfully sell investments to the public, one must either be registered or exempt from registration. Likewise, securities must either be registered, or exempt from registration before public sales can occur.

The SEC originally sued Aschere and the other defendants in 2013, alleging that Leon Ali Parvizian and sales agents Balunas and Gonzalez improperly solicited over twenty million dollars from over 350 investors using high pressure sales tactics.

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