Artec Global Media and Caleb Wickman subject to CA Desist and Refrain

CA Dept. of Business Oversight files action against Artec Global Media and Caleb Wickman

The securities attorneys at The Law Office of David Liebrader have opened an investigation into the investment activity of Artec Global Media and Caleb Wickman, who are the subject of a regulatory filing (Desist and Refrain Order) issued in July, 2019.

The pending regulatory filling that gives rise to this investigation is the CA Department of Business Oversight’s Desist and Refrain Order against Artec Global Media and Caleb Wickman  dated July 19, 2019 whereby the Commissioner of the Department determined that Artec Global Media and Caleb Wickman offered and sold unqualified securities to investors by means of a general solicitation, selling securities to members of the public with whom they did not have a substantive, pre-existing relationship.

In addition, the Desist and Refrain Order also stated that Artec and Wickman failed to disclose to investors that Wickman had stipulated to a permanent injunction and final judgment in an action filed by the FTC for a violation of the federal “Controlling the Assault of Non Solicited Pornographic and Marketing Act of 2003”.  In the opinion of the Commissioner, these failures to disclose were material omissions of fact, and a violation of the California Securities Laws of 1968.

Based on these facts the California Commissioner stated that Artec Global Media and Caleb Wickman  sold securities in violation of Corporations Code section 25401 and 25403 (control person liability), and ordered them to cease and desist.

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