Hossein Amirriahei Barred by FINRA

Hossein Amirriahei, a registered representative from Los Angeles, California, formerly with Wells Fargo Advisors was barred from FINRA membership as a result of failing to cooperate with a FINRA investigation.

FINRA Rule 9552. Failure to Provide Information or Keep Information Current

This FINRA rule provides if a FINRA member fails to provide information or testimony requested or required by FINRA’s By-Laws or FINRA rules, or fails to keep his or her membership and supporting documents current, FINRA, after providing  21 days’ notice may suspend the FINRA membership of the person. If the suspension is not challenged within 90 days, FINRA may bar the individual.

In June, 2017 Hossein Amirriahei consented to a bar from FINRA membership for refusing to appear for a FINRA deposition into whether he engaged in unauthorized trading in client accounts.

Hossein Amirriahei’s registration and disciplinary history

In order to lawfully sell investments to the public, one must either be registered or exempt from registration.

Hossein Amirriahei was registered with Wells Fargo Advisors from July, 2003 through September, 2016.

According to FINRA’s CRD disclosure report, Hossein Amirriahei has been the subject of three customer complaints and one regulatory investigation. He was also discharged by Wells Fargo Advisors after allegations were raised that he exercised discretion in two customer accounts without proper authorization.

FINRA is the primary regulator for broker dealers and registered representatives in the United States.  FINRA’s role is to promulgate standards and practices for the brokerage industry and to ensure compliance with its rules by licensed entities and individuals.

FINRA has two primary means to ensure compliance with the securities laws ; by means of an enforcement unit that investigates and disciplines wrongdoing, and through the establishment of  an arbitration forum where investors can resolve disputes against broker dealers.  FINRA’s arbitration forum, FINRA Dispute Resolution Inc. is the largest arbitration forum in the country for resolving investor disputes, and typically processes over 10,000 filings annually.

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