Pending Investigation; Ricardo Cabrera REIT Transactions

Ricardo Cabrera investigation over Senior Secured Note sales.

The securities attorneys at The Law Office of David Liebrader have opened an investigation into the securities related conduct of Ricardo Cabrera, a licensed FINRA registered representative from Las Vegas, Nevada, affiliated with G.F. Investment Services and Wittman Capital Management of Henderson, Nevada.

Ricardo Cabrera has been FINRA licensed to sell securities since 2009, and has been affiliated with G.F. Investment Services since September, 2013.  Prior to that Cabrera worked for Centaurus Financial and Ameriprise Financial out of offices these firms maintained in Las Vegas.

FINRA hosts a database that the public can access to check the credentials of their financial advisors.  The website, also known as broker check contains a listing for Ricardo Cabrera, who is reported to have been the subject of a customer dispute while affiliated with G.F. Investment Services.  The customer complaint was initiated in December, 2016 and alleges that Cabrera made unsuitable investments.

The pending customer dispute that gives rise to this investigation concerns an investment for an elderly client into “Senior Secured Notes” and REITs.

REITs are real estate investment trusts, which are essentially mutual funds comprised of interests in office buildings, hotels and other real estate holdings, rather than stocks and bonds.

Senior Secured Notes may refer to an investment that gives an investor priority over other investors in claims against the real estate.

REITs and Senior Secured Notes are illiquid investments that do not trade on a stock exchange, making them appropriate only for investors who have a long term time horizon, and are prepared to hold the investment to maturity.  Investors that need access to funds in the short term should not invest in illiquid investments or private placements, generally.

As a result of the purchase of these REIT Senior Secured Notes, the client has been unable to secure the return of the $300,000 invested.  As part of our investigation we are interested in speaking with other clients of Ricardo Cabrera who were also invested in these same securities.

While Ricardo Cabrera was FINRA licensed with G.F. Investment Services he was also working part time for Wittman Capital Management, a Registered Investment Advisor based out of Henderson, Nevada.  Wittman Capital Management’s Form ADV disclosure information can be found here.

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