Reza Baharimehr Hit With Million Dollar Judgment In Nevada

Unregistered financial advisor Reza Baharimehr (aka Mohamed Baharimehr) of Los Angeles, CA and Las Vegas, NV was hit with three judgments in Clark County NV District court for his role in a scam targeting elderly people. The Law office of David Liebrader represented the Plaintiffs in all three cases.

Reza Baharimehr who holds no securities licenses, sold shares in a company called Velcor LLC, a company that purportedly invested in a cocoa planation in Ecuador, as well as life settlement contracts.

Baharimehr targeted an elderly, terminally ill man who was in hospice, for an investment into the Velcor program. After the man died, his heirs sued to recover the losses. Baharimehr agreed to pay the heirs the full amount of the loss beginning in March 2015, but defaulted on his obligations, forcing the heirs back into court to obtain a judgment. In July, 2015 the court entered judgment against Baharimehr and his business partner John Schemetti for $238,000.

In addition to the judgment in that case, Reza Baharimehr is also liable for two other judgments resulting from the Velcor LLC transactions. In August, 2015 two judgments in the amount of $771,778 and $663,115 were entered against Baharimehr and Schemetti on behalf of two elderly widows who are also victims of the Velcor scam. Reza Baharimehr and John Schemetti are both personally liable for $1,673,000 in civil judgments in Nevada, which they continue to refuse to pay.

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