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Carlos Isaac ordered to pay investor million dollar judgment.

On January 27, 2020 a Clark County Nevada District Court Judge issued a judgment in the amount of $1,054,309 against Carlos Isaac III, the manager of two Nevada limited liability companies; Mackiernan, LLC and C13 Holding, LLC.  Mr. Isaac used those companies to raise money from investors to purportedly assist with reconstruction efforts in Texas after Hurricane Harvey.

Carlos Isaac is a former financial advisor who worked for AR Global and Boston Financial. It was there that he met the client that would loan him the money for his two LLC ventures.  Mr. Isaac prepared promissory notes, which Plaintiff alleged were unregistered securities sold in violation of NRS 90.460.  Plaintiff purchased the promissory notes which provided for the payment of 8.5- 9% monthly interest, with a return of principal three years from initial investment.  The investments were made in 2016 and 2017, and as a result of the nonpayment of interest beginning in March, 2019, all three notes went into default.  Plaintiff sent demand letters to Carlos Isaac demanding the return of his principal, but Mr. Isaac never responded. Instead, he closed up his business operations in Las Vegas, and is believed to have relocated to Texas.

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