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Activities of Ricardo Cabrera subject of Nevada Secretary of State’s Administrative Order against G.F. Investment Services.

The securities attorneys at The Law Office of David Liebrader have opened an investigation into the sales activity of Ricardo Cabrera, a Las Vegas based investment advisor formerly affiliated with G.F. Investment Services as well as Wittman Capital Management.  Our firm has received multiple calls from investors who were placed into illiquid investments through Cabrera and Wittman’s sales activities in Nevada.

The administrative action that gives rise to this investigation is the NV Secretary of State’s (Securities Division) administrative order dated September 4, 2018: “In the matter of G.F. Investment Services, LLC”.   In its findings of fact, the Securities Division found that Ricardo Cabrera, while licensed with G.F. Investment Services operated an unlicensed branch office in Sun City Summerlin that was a co-location with Wittman Capital Management.  The NV SOS found that Cabrera transacted business from the Sun City branch, which was never properly licensed through G.F. Investment Services.

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