Oil Company Death List

Noted energy analyst David Fessler recently published a report through The Oxford Resource Explorer warning investors about coming defaults and bankruptcies for 19 publicly traded oil and gas companies.  According to Fessler’s report “The oil company death list,  these 19 oil and gas stocks will die soon” the 19 companies profiled are over leveraged and have lost the ability to service their debt. With oil prices in the $40-$50 range, Fessler contends these companies are barely staying afloat, and need to drastically reduce spending, or sell off assets to stay in business

The number in parentheses following the name of the company is the debt-to-earnings ratio.

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1. Antero Resources (4.99)

2. Energy XXI Ltd (5.09)

3. EV Energy Partners (6.54)

4. EXCO Resources (4.72)

5. Exterran Partners (5.23)

6. Goodrich Petroleum (29.44)

7. Halcon Resources (7.81)

8. Hercules Offshore (7.53)

9. Legacy Reserves (4.31)

10. Linn Energy (6.88)

11. LRR Energy (24.62)

12. Magnum Hunter Resources (52.29)

13. Parsley Energy (5.32)

14. Rex Energy (5.06)

15. Sanchez Energy (4.09)

16. TETRA Technologies (12.19)

17. Vanguard Natural Resources (5.39)

18. Vantage Drilling (6.16)

19. Warren Resources (5.50)

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