Pension Advance and Pension Income Stream Investments

Pension Advance and Income Stream Investments

The Securities and Exchange Commission put out a notice to investors and retirees who engage in transactions involving pension advances and pension income streams.

The SEC is concerned that retirees and investors are entering into these pension advance transactions without the proper information to make informed investment decisions.

In the past several years multiple state finance and securities regulators have filed enforcement actions to stop companies that target pensioners – many of them military veterans- with a pitch to “cash out” their pensions and receive a lump sum payment.  Some of these pension advance transactions are structured like loans, charging above market rate interest rates.  The decision to sell the rights to a pension at a discount is fraught with perils, and could be one of the worst mistakes a retiree ever makes.

On the other side of the pension advance transactions are investors who are contacted by these same companies to “fund” the “loans” to the lump sum recipients.  Investing in these transactions is full of risks, including the lack of transparency, high commissions and fees, and an inability to collect in the event of default.

Many of the enforcement actions in recent years against pension advance and pension income stream funding companies  have involved their failure to obtain the proper licenses, failure to provide required disclosures to investors and pensioners, and the charging of usurious interest rates.

In August 2015 regulators for the state of New York filed a lawsuit against Pension Funding LLC in U.S. District Court for the Central District of California.  This follows on the heels of a Cease and Desist Action filed by California regulators against the company.

In the past several years scrutiny has focused on many pension advance and pension income stream companies and their business practices.  In 2013 regulators from New York sent subpoenas to Lump Sum Pension Advance, Pensions Annuities & Settlements LLC,  Cash Flow Investment Partners,  DFR Pension Funding,  Veterans Benefit Leverage, Voyager Financial Group LLC and First American Finance Corp.

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