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Alvin Cohen Michael Reinboth and Ralph Muscatelli subjects of CA Desist and Refrain Order

The securities attorneys at The Law Office of David Liebrader have opened an investigation into the investment activity of Alvin Cohen Michael Reinboth and Ralph Muscatelli and their companies Encore Releasing, Incorporated Productions  and Mammoth Film Group who are the subjects of a regulatory filing (Desist and Refrain Order) issued in June, 2019.

The pending regulatory filling that gives rise to this investigation is the CA Department of Business Oversight’s Desist and Refrain Order against Alvin Cohen Michael Reinboth and Ralph Muscatelli  and their related companies dated June 11, 2019 whereby the Commissioner of the Department of Business Oversight determined that Cohen, Reinboth and Muscatelli  offered and sold securities to investors while omitting material facts.  Among the omissions were that Muscatelli was the subject of an S.E.C. lawsuit in 1985 whereby he was permanently enjoined from violating the registration and antifraud provisions of the federal securities laws; that Cohen was barred from association with any broker dealer by the NASD (now FINRA); that Cohen was the subject of a court judgment, and numerous state and federal tax liens; that the Pennsylvania Securities Commission had ordered Encore Releasing and Alvin Cohen to cease and desist selling securities in Pennsylvania; that in 2012 the California Dept. of Corporations ordered Cohen to cease selling unqualified securities in California; and that investors’ money would be used to pay Alvin Cohen Michael Reinboth and Ralph Muscatelli salaries and commissions and for personal expenses.